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Getting Started With A Hostwinds VPS

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Cloud VPS from Hostwinds gives you full control over the server settings and configurations without the worry of other users on the same server. If you are looking for a way to get started with our Cloud VPS, this guide will help jumpstart you in the right direction.

Connecting To The VPS For The First Time

After you purchase your VPS from Hostwinds, it should only take a few minutes at most before it is created and ready for you to use. When the Cloud VPS is created successfully, you will be sent an email that will contain the login credentials as well as some additional details about your VPS.

If you purchased a Linux VPS, the primary method of connecting to these is via SSH. This allows you to directly interact with the server through the Command Line. Or if you have a control panel installed, you can interact with the server in that method. It is simple to reinstall an application from the Cloud Portal once your server is ready for use so that you have something that best suits your specific needs and there are many options to choose from.

If you plan to create many servers, we suggest configuring your server and creating a snapshot so that you may create multiple servers from a snapshot backup once this has been made available for use as a template.

Should you purchase a Windows VPS, these are more user-friendly and are connected primarily through Remote Desktop Connection (RDP). There are not many control panels available for Windows, however the GUI included with the server once you are connect using RDP makes up for this.

Range of Control

With all of our VPS plans, you will have full root (if using Linux), or full administrator (if using Windows Server), control over the server. This means you have the ability to run executables, or applications (provided the server and resources allow). Once connected you can start right away.

Cloud Portal Overview

In addition to being in complete control over the server, you will have access to our Cloud Portal interface. This interface will allow you to interact with the server in ways that you wouldn’t be able to while connected directly to the server.

You are able to restart the server at will, modify the Cloud Firewall settings, install an Operating System from a custom ISO, or even more.

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