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Hostwinds Email limits

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Hostwinds limits the number of emails that you can send per hour for our Shared Hosting, Business Hosting, White Label Reseller Hosting, and Reseller Hosting packages.

What Are The Hourly Limits Of Email For My Domain?

The following is a breakdown of the hourly email sending limits that are in effect for each hosting type.

Hosting TypeMessage Rate Limit (messages/hour)
Shared Hosting25
Business Hosting250
Reseller Hosting25
White Label Reseller Hosting25
Cloud ServerNo Limit
Dedicated ServerNo Limit

The limits on the number of emails per hour that an account’s domains can send. This includes the email limits for all of the subdomains, addon domains, and parked domains (aliases) for an account’s main domain. However, the system counts the mail for each domain, subdomain, addon domain, and parked domain separately.

These limits are for new accounts. Please contact us to confirm any hourly email limits for your account so we can help answer any questions you do have.

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