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Hostwinds Minecraft Servers

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The great thing about Hostwinds’ virtual private and dedicated server lines is that they can be used for almost anything. What You Can Do With A Cloud Server is limited only by your imagination (assuming it doesn’t break our Terms of Service). This can include running various game services on the servers themselves, such as hosting your very own Minecraft Server.

Hostwinds helps make running your Minecraft Server easy and hassle free by using McMyAdmin.


What Is McMyAdmin?

McMyAdmin is a web-facing graphical interface produced by CubeCoders, Ltd. It’s one of the most popular web control panels and server administration consoles used for Minecraft. Hostwinds has a template application of McMyAdmin 2 Personal Edition for quick installation on a server, ready to go for you to set up your very own Minecraft server with a few button clicks.


Why Does Hostwinds Use McMyAdmin?

McMyAdmin 2 is one of the most trusted and secure Minecraft panels available. It’s very easy and intuitive to use, and requires no additional configuration out of the box to operate. Getting started is as quick as installing, logging in, and hitting Start!

McMyAdmin 2 also comes in two separate editions for use by individuals – the standard Professional edition, and a completely free Personal edition. The only difference between the two is that the Personal edition limits the server to 10 concurrent players, while the Professional edition has no such limitations. Upgrading is as simple as getting a Professional license from McMyAdmin and applying the license to your already-installed Personal server – no reinstalls required!

McMyAdmin also comes with amazing development support, which combined with Hostwinds’ phenomenal server side support means if you ever have a question, one of us has an answer! But most importantly, it’s easy to learn and easy to use. With a complete web control panel, and a built in server administration console, you can manage the entire server without needing to log into the game or the server itself.


How Do I Get Started?

All of Hostwinds’ virtual private servers can install McMyAdmin 2, but if you want to get set up immediately, we do have an offering of Minecraft SSD Hosting available. If you need to know how large and robust of a server you will need for how many players you will be hosting, feel free to review this chart:

Players RAM Disk Space Tier Server Recommended
1 – 3 512MB 2GB Empty (5GB if doing frequent backups) Tier One
3 – 5 1GB 8GB empty space Tier Two
5 – 8 3GB 16GB empty space Tier Three
8 – 12 5GB 25GB empty space Tier Four
12 or more 6GB 35GB empty space Tier Five


With the 1Gbps port speed and the cloud infrastructure supporting our VPS line, you’ll never have to worry about your upload connection to the servers, nor about whether the CPUs will run fast enough. And with Hostwinds, you can easily upgrade your VPS to the next tier up if you notice a surge in activity or players and require more resources to dedicate.


I Purchased a Minecraft Server. What Now?

To get everything set up for your new Minecraft server, feel free to review our Getting Started with McMyAdmin guide.

You can also check whether your Minecraft server is running by checking the McMyAdmin Server Status.

We also have guides explaining all of the configuration options for your McMyAdmin Preferences, McMyAdmin Features, McMyAdmin Server Settings, and McMyAdmin Game Settings.

If your require a list of commands to use for your server, feel free to review our McMyAdmin Console guide.