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How To Configure Your Minecraft Server

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While the McMyAdmin 2 panel is very clean and easy to navigate, there are many ways you can manage and configure your server. In particular, you can create certain rules, environments, and worlds that wildly differ from the standard Minecraft gameplay found in single player.

Since there are so many configurable options for the entire service, we’re going to give a quick review of each section so that you know what they control. If a section needs more detailed descriptions, a link will be provided to a more in-depth explanation of the settings.


Game Settings

In order to change any of the options on how the game itself is played or operates, you would want to take a look at the Game Settings under your Configurations.

The location of the Game Settings tab in McMyAdmin


All of the settings here will require a server restart in order to make the changes to the game. Here you can determine how hard or easy the game is for your players, including determining if you even want Survival to be a part of your server.

Due to the large number of different settings here, we have our own detailed guide on McMyAdmin Game Settings to help you customize the Minecraft experience for your players.


Server Settings

While the Game Settings determine how the game plays, the Server Settings determine how the server will operate. The Server Settings can be found under the Configuration options, in the Server Settings tab.

The location of the Server Settings tab in McMyAdmin


Here you can decide the server’s operation and creation in and of itself. Everything from the world that is generated, the number of players, and performing your backups to save the world state.

Due to the large number of settings here, we have our own detailed guide on McMyAdmin Server Settings to help you customize the server as you desire.


World Management

The World Management is a setting where in you can manage the different worlds in your server. If you have a plugin that allows the use of multiple worlds, this is where you can come to manage which worlds are included in your backups. This function is only useful if you are using MultiWorld CraftBukkit Plugins with the server.

The World Management section in McMyAdmin



The Features options are all of the additional server-side configurations that McMyAdmin 2 offers for the server. This includes a number of rather useful options, such as server name, welcome messages, changing the message format in-game, and player notifications.

The location of the Features tab in McMyAdmin


Due to the large number of configurable settings here, we have a separate article for Configuring McMyAdmin Features that will go into greater detail on what each setting is and how it affects your server.



The Plugins tab will detail of the plugins that are currently installed on your server, as well as installing new servers.

The location of the Plugins tab in McMyAdmin


There are two sub-tabs on this window: Manage Plugins and Install Plugins.


Manage Plugins

This is where you are able to manage the plugins you currently have installed on the server. You can also choose which plugins are enabled or disabled by selecting the Enable option next to the plugin.

The location of the Manage Plugins subtab in Plugins in McMyAdmin


Install Plugins

This is where you can install any plugins for your server from the list of CraftBukkit categories vailable. This tab will only be available if running a CraftBukkit server, which can be set in the Server Settings for Server type.

The location of the Install Plugins subtab in Plugins in McMyAdmin



The Preferences tab is where you are able to change the layout of your McMyAdmin panel. These changes are all made locally, so if you have multiple users who have McMyAdmin access, each user can have their own preferences.

The location of the Preferences tab in McMyAdmin


There are a number of different options available, which we detail further in the articles on how to Configure McMyAdmin Preferences.


Login Users

The Login users section is where you can create different users who can login to the McMyAdmin panel, granting them different levels of access as needed.

The location of the Login users tab in McMyAdmin


Since there are a lot of options here for creating the users, we have a whole guide on Configuring McMyAdmin Users available for review.


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