How Do I Add An IPv6 Range Through WHM?

Before you can assign individual and specific IPv6 addresses to users you must first define the range they are in.  A range of addresses is a cluster of a few IPv6 addresses.  Through this function in WHM you’ll be able to add, edit and delete the ranges you want. Follow this guide to set up the ranges for IPv6.


Adding An IPv6 Range Through WHM

Step 1:  Login to your WHM account

Step 2:  Head to Home > IP Functions.  You can select IP Functions from the available home menu or locate within the available organized columns on the left-hand-side.


This can be located quickly by searching for “ipv6” in the search box


WHM IP Location Image


Step 3:  Find and choose IPv6 Ranges


Hostwinds IPv6 Location Image


Step 4:  Click the Add Range button


Showing the Add Range button in WHM


Step 5:  Type the name for the range in the Range Name text box

Step 6:  Type in the IPv6 range you want into the Range text box


The range is made up of shortened address, a slash (/) and an indicating number for the network part of the IPv6 address


Step 7:  Choose either the Available or Reserved button


7a:  Available – addresses can be assigned
7b:  Reserved – addresses can not be assigned


Step 8:  Include a description of the range in the Range Notes text box

Step 9:  Click the Add Range button


Showing the IPv6 Ranges form in WHM


Make sure your server is configured for IPv6 before you attempt to add them. If you need help with this, see our guide on how to add IPv6 assignments.


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