How do I do Full Backups in cPanel

How Do I Make a Full Backup of my Site on cPanel?

To create full backups in cPanel, perform the following steps:

    1. Click on Backup Wizard in the Files section

      Showing the Backup Wizard location in cPanel


    1. Click Backup

      Showing where to start the backup process in cPanel


    1. Click Full Backup

      Showing where to choose option for full backups in cPanel


  1. Choose the location you’d like the backup to be saved to:
    • Home Directory — This will save your backup right there on your server
    • Remote FTP Server — Use FTP to send the backup to another server or location
    • Remote FTP Server (Passive Mode Transfer) — This will send the backup to another server using Passive FTP
    • Secure Copy (SCP) — This will allow you to SCP to send the backup to another server


Showing how to choose where a full cPanel backup will be stored


    1. Add your email to be notified
        a. If you prefer not to receive notifications, then choose Do not send email notification of backup completion
    2. If you chose to send the backup to another location, enter the details for the remote destination here
    3. Click Generate Backup

      Showing where to generate the full cPanel backup


  1. If you chose to keep the backup on the server (using Home Directory), you can find download it from the Backups Available for Download section

    Showing where to download full backups available for download in cPanel


What Does cPanel Backup?

cPanel backs up everything when you choose the Full Backup option.  That includes:


  • Home Directory
  • MySQL Databases
  • Email forwarders configuration
  • Email filters configuration
  • Zone files
  • Web files


If you can see it then it’s getting backed up.  Everything you can access from your cPanel will be stored.


When are Full cPanel Backups Used?

You want to make a full backup from cPanel when you’re doing a website migration.  Don’t run the risk of losing anything and make a copy of it before moving anything.


How Long Does it Take to do Full Backups in cPanel?

The length of time it will take to do your backup depends on the size and amount of files you currently have stored in your cPanel.  Full backups in cPanel aren’t generated instantly. That’s why you need to put in an email address so you can be notified when it’s done.


Where do I Find my cPanel Files Once Backup is Complete?

Once it’s done if you chose to store the backup in the home directory, your full backup will be found in the File Manager under the home directory. If you’re on Hostwinds hosting, simply get in touch with us to get it restored (for FREE).


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