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How Many Domains Can I Host?

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The amount of domains you can host on your plan will vary depending on the plan and package that you have. Though with our VPS and Dedicated Server plans, Hostwinds would not have a limit on the amount of domain names that can be hosted on your server.

Shared and Business Hosting

In the Shared and Business tiers you have three options to determine the number of domains available.  They are:

  • Basic – You would be able to host only one domain, which would be the primary domain for the account.
  • Advanced – Alongside the primary domain, you would have the ability to host 3 add-on domains for a total of 4 domain names.
  • Ultimate – With this plan, there would be no limit set by Hostwinds for the amount of domains that you can host. The only limits would be the pre-existing resource limitations that are shared on the account.

VPS Plans

With our VPS plans, you would not be limited to the amount of domain names that you can have hosted on your plan. Instead, the only limitations would be from the resources available to the machine. Which can also be upgraded to a higher tier if you notice any performance issues due to the amount of sites that you are hosting.

Dedicated Server

Similar to our VPS plans, with a dedicated server, the domains that can be hosted would not be limited by Hostwinds. Your domain slots available are only bound by the size of the server you pick.  Substantial differences for total numbers come from RAM, CPU cores and total hard drive space. You can check out our Dedicated servers page for more information about these servers and what we currently have available.

If you should have any questions or would like assistance, do feel free to contact us through Live Chat or by submitting a ticket with our Technical Support team.