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How to Allow a Program Through the Windows Firewall

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By default, the built-in Windows Firewall will block inbound and outbound traffic from unknown applications. If after installing and running a program on your Windows server, the application seems to not be accessible externally over the internet, you may need to allow the program through the Windows Firewall for inbound and outbound connections.

This guide is intended for Hostwinds clients who are using Windows on their Cloud VPS or Dedicated Server.

Allow a program through the Windows Firewall:

First: Open the Control Panel.

Start Menu Search for Control Panel

Second: Go to the ‘System and Security’ category.

Control Panel

Third: Under the ‘Windows Firewall’ section, select ‘Allow an app through Windows Firewall’.

System and Security

Fourth: Click ‘Allow another app…’.

Windows Firewall Allowed Apps

Fifth: Click ‘Browse’ to then navigate and select the .exe of your program. Then click ‘Add’.

Add an app

Sixth: Select the checkboxes for allowing the app through the firewall when on a Private network and/or Public Network based on your needs.

Windows Firewall Allowed Apps

Seventh: Click ‘OK’.

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