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How To Delete A Package In WHM

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If you are adding multiple packages into your WHM, you may come across a need to delete some that are unused or no longer needed. This can be if you decide to change cPanel users over to a different package or other reasons. In WHM, you have the option to remove the Packages, and is just as easy, if not easier than adding a package. This guide is intended to help Hostwinds Cloud VPS or Dedicated Server clients who have a cPanel license and access to WHM.

Where To Find The Option To Delete A Package

Step One: Log into your WHM Administrative dashboard

Step Two: From the search bar in the upper left, enter in “Packages” and press Enter to search.

Step Three: In the options listed, click on the Delete A Package option.

WHM Packages Delete A Package Menu Bar Location

Step Four: After clicking on the Delete A Package menu option, you will be brought to a page where you are able to view a list of Packages on the server and mark them for deletion.

WHM Packages Delete A Package Default Example Page

Deleting A Package

Step One: From the Delete A Package page, there will be a list of packages that exist on the server. Each package will be each uniquely named package that was created on the server.

WHM Packages Delete A Package, Package List Example

Step Two: Select the package that you are wanting to Delete from the server from the list. After it is selected, it will highlight blue to indicate the chosen package.

With the deletion of a package, this action is not reversible and is permanent. Only proceed with Step Three if you are certain you do not need the package.

Step Three: After selecting the package you wish to delete, at the bottom of the page, there will be a Delete button. If you are ready to proceed with the deletion, click on that button.

WHM Packages Delete a Package Delete Button Example

After the Deletion has been completed successfully, you will see a message indicating this.

WHM Packages Delete A Package Delete Success

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