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How To Delete A Package In WHM

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If you are adding multiple packages into your WHM, you may come across a need to delete some that are unused or no longer needed. This can be if you decide to change cPanel users over to a different package or other reasons. In WHM, you have the option to remove the Packages, and is just as easy, if not easier than adding a package. This guide is intended to help Hostwinds Cloud VPS or Dedicated Server clients who have a cPanel license and access to WHM.


Where To Find The Option To Delete A Package

Step One: Log into your WHM Administrative dashboard

Step Two: From the search bar in the upper left, enter in “Packages” and press Enter to search.

Step Three: In the options listed, click on the Delete A Package option.


WHM Packages Delete A Package Menu Bar Location


Step Four: After clicking on the Delete A Package menu option, you will be brought to a page where you are able to view a list of Packages on the server and mark them for deletion.


WHM Packages Delete A Package Default Example Page


Deleting A Package

Step One: From the Delete A Package page, there will be a list of packages that exist on the server. Each package will be each uniquely named package that was created on the server.


WHM Packages Delete A Package, Package List Example


Step Two: Select the package that you are wanting to Delete from the server from the list. After it is selected, it will highlight blue to indicate the chosen package.


[notification type=”alert-warning” close=”false” ]With the deletion of a package, this action is not reversible and is permanent. Only proceed with Step Three if you are certain you do not need the package[/notification]


Step Three: After selecting the package you wish to delete, at the bottom of the page, there will be a Delete button. If you are ready to proceed with the deletion, click on that button.


WHM Packages Delete a Package Delete Button Example


After the Deletion has been completed successfully, you will see a message indicating this.


WHM Packages Delete A Package Delete Success


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