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How Do I Stop Emails from Going to Spam?

Below we have listed a couple options for fixing emails that head to SPAM. 



Please refer to the following guides to ensure that you have SPF, DKIM, rDNS, and DMARC set correctly.



Add a Dedicated IP Address

If you continue to have problems with emails not hitting the inbox, you might want to consider a dedicated IP.


  • The IP address you’re using isn’t shared with anyone else – It’s all yours (That means noone else can do anything on the server that affects deliverability of your email)
  • Reverse IP lookups won’t show a big list of different domains on the IP – only yours
  • You can establish DKIM and SPF keys, which can help email deliverability   
  • Not email related, but a dedicated IP will result in a faster site with better performance, which is good for SEO
  • An SSL can be added, which is obviously good for security, but also good for SEO




  • Your site’s IP will change, which means you’re looking at downtime that could last between 1 and 48 hours 
  • There’s a chance that emails will still be seen as spam until your new IP’s sending score is established (mail servers that don’t detect links and your emails being marked as “not spam” will help)


Use Commercial Apps 

A couple of commercial apps you might want to consider:





  • If other people sharing the server get hit with a spam flag, it won’t affect you
  • Your emails will be more likely to hit the inbox
  • Emails wouldn’t use the shared IP




  • SMTP would need configured for your site and any scripts (also note that PHP mail function typically doesn’t work properly with these mail services/apps)
  • You’ll need to provide us with the admin login to the service you choose so we can properly set DNS zones for them to work



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