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How To Fix Text That Does Not Appear Right (Windows)

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Sometimes when a Windows VPS instance is created, the text can appear rough or off in appearance.  This intent of this article is to provide options to edit your browser window’s appearance and correct possible font issues.


[notification type=”alert-warning” close=”false” ]The steps in this guide are in regards to adjusting settings in Windows 10, however, steps should be very similar within any Windows OS. This is a common question that we receive from Hostwinds clients who are using RDP and would like to have a more clear display on their screen[/notification]


Text Looks Boxy Or Fuzzy

Step 1:  On your Windows Instance, tap on the Start or Windows Icon.


Windows 10 Icon Image


Step 2:  Use your Windows Search feature (Windows 10 may have this without needing to click on the Windows Icon) and search for “ClearType”.  When ClearType appears as an option, select it.


Windows 10 ClearType


Step 3:  Ensure and/or check the “Turn on CleanType” check-box.  Click Next to continue.


ClearType Checkbox Location Image


[notification type=”alert-warning” close=”false” ]If you have more then 1 monitor, it will provide an option to tune all the monitors you have installed.  Select that you want to tune all monitors and click Next again.  Proceed through the option to see if the text appears better with available options.[/notification]


Step 4:  Click Finish when done


Adjust Your Windows Appearance

Step 1:  On your Windows Instance, tap on the Start or Windows Icon.


Windows 10 Icon Image


Step 2:  Use your Windows Search feature (Windows 10 may have this without needing to click on the Windows Icon) and search for “Appearance”.  When Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows shows as an available option, select it.


Adjust Appearance Windows 10 Image


Step 3:  Uncheck the “Smooth edges of screen fonts” and click Apply.


Smooth Edges of screen fonts location image


Step 4:  Refresh or open your browser again and see if you notice a change.


Adjust Your Windows Display

Step 1:  Right-Click on your desktop and select Display Settings


Windows Display Settings


Step 2:  Make sure Display is selected from the available options and locate the Scale and layout options.  Attempt to adjust your text size, Resolution and/or Orientation.


Windows Display Resolution Options Image


Step 3:  Changing your display should present a confirmation to either keep the changes or revert back.  If the appearance did not resolve your situation, select Revert to restore your prior display settings.


Windows Revert Back option image


[notification type=”alert-info” close=”false” ]If your display disappears or becomes to difficult to revert back, your display should automatically revert back if you do not manually select to keep the new changes.[/notification]


Font Options If Using Chrome

Step 1:  Launch your Chrome browser and select the “Settings” option from the available drop-down


Chrome Settings Location Image


Step 2:  Find the Appearance Location.  Here you can adjust the Font Size, Customize Fonts, and Zoom appearance.  Adjusting any of these or all of these may make your browser appearance better.


Chrome Appearance Setting Options Image


Font Options If Using FireFox

Step 1:  Open your Firefox browser and select the Utilities Icon.  Find “Options” among the available drop-downs and select.


Firefox Utility Option Location


Step 2:  Find the Language and Appearance Location.  Here you can change the current font and font-size.  This may fix your current display settings within your Firefox browser, however, click on “Advanced…” for more options.


FireFox Language and Appearance Image


Step 3:  Adjust font in Advanced Settings, and select OK when done.  Refresh your browser to ensure changes stuck.


Advanced Font Settings Image


[notification type=”alert-warning” close=”false” ]If you want to restore to default, just select Default (Times New Roman), and the default settings should resort back.[/notification]


Font Options If Using Explorer

Step 1:  Open Explorer and select the settings icon in the top right.  Then find and select Internet Options from the available options.


Explorer Internet Options Location Image


Step 2:  Find the Appearance section under the General tab.  Select Fonts to adjust your font settings and Accessibility to adjust  personalized style-sheets.


Explorer Appearance Settings Options Image


Step 3:  Click on OK to apply changes.


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