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How to Get the IP Address of Your Domain

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There are a few ways to find the IP address that has been assigned to your domain. This article will cover 4 methods that you can use to find this information quickly.

To utilize the steps outlined in this article you’ll need to ensure that your computer has access to the internet, and that you know the name of the domain that you’d like to lookup.


View the Server Information from within cPanel

If you have a cPanel account, just login and click on the server information link on the right side of the page as shown below:

server information

The next page will show you your account’s Dedicated or Shared IP Address as well as some other useful informtion about your server such as the your Hosting Package, Server Name, cPanel Version, Apache Version, PHP Version, MySQL Version, Architecture, Operating System, Path to Sendmail, Path to Perl, Perl Version and Kernel Version


Ping the Domain

Typically you can find the IP address for a domain by pinging the domain. This can be done from your local PC, however the steps may vary depending on the OS that you’re using. To simplify this process we can use an online Ping tool, such as Once you have opened the previous link please enter in the domain name that you’d like to check into the textbox and click Go. You should begin to see the output of the ping tool, which should include the IP address for the domain.



Another great way to obtain a domains IP address is by using IntoDNS is a great site that will show you DNS related information for most domains. To find the IP address, simply enter the domain name in question into the textbox and click Report. Once the report has been generated, you can scroll to the bottom and find the WWW A Record column. The column to the right of the WWW A Record column should contain the IP address for the domain.



Similar to IntoDNS, DNSWatch will allow you to obtain a domains IP by resolving its A record. You just need to enter in the domain into the Hostname or IP textbox and click Resolve. You should then be greeted with A record found: followed by the IP address of the domain.