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How to Install Let’s Encrypt

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Let’s Encrypt is a Certificate Authority that lets you acquire an SSL certificate. For systems that have shell access it is recommended to install Certbot which is an application that uses the ACME protocol. Certbot is packaged for many common operating systems and web servers.




  • If you run Debian Stretch or Debian Sid, you can install certbot packages.
  • How to obtain a certificate using the apache plugin.
  • If you are using Nginx you have to install the python-certbot-nginx plugin then use the –nginx flag

When you initially run the command to obtain the certificate certbot will create an account asking you for an email and agreement to the Let’s Encrypt subscriber policy. You can automate that task by adding the --email & --agree-tos primers 


Alternate Forms Of Installation

  • Install Certbot using the certbot-auto wrapper sctipt. This will grab dependencies from your web server OS.
  • To run the recently downloaded certbot
  •  Query for additional primers