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How To Integrate WHMCS With Your Site

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If you have another site that is not directly attached to your WHMCS, you may want to tie the two together to allow your visitors easy navigation and a seemless user experience. A cool feature included with WHMCS is the Integration Code that can be used on other sites to tie into your WHMCS installation.

Where To Find The Integration Code From WHMCS

Step One: Log into your WHMCS Administrator Dashboard

Step Two: From the drop down menus at the top, navigate through to Utilities -> Integration Code .

WHMCS Utilities Integration Code Top Menu Button Location

Clicking on that will lead you to a page with some code snippets that you can incorporate into your other web pages.

WHMCS Utilities Integration Code Default Example Page

Clients Login Snippet

Under the Clients Login section, there will be a code snippet that can be used to directly login to your WHMCS. This way, you can incorporate the login form for your WHMCS on other pages aside from only the Login and Registration pages. This section may look similar to the following,

WHMCS Utilities Integration Code Clients Login Integration Example

Domain Ordering Snippet

With the Domain Ordering section, you will see a code snippet that can be used to incorporate the Domain Registration form into other pages as well. For example, with this you can allow your Visitors to search for domains directly from a product page that you have created, or a landing page. On this section you may see something similar to the following,

WHMCS Utilities Integration Code Domain Ordering Integration Example

User Registration Snippet

Unlike the other code snippets provided with the WHMCS Code Integrations, this would not be a form. This would be a simple link that would direct the visitors to the registration page for your WHMCS. In this section it may appear like this,

WHMCS Utilities Integration Code User Registration Integration Example

If you should have any questions or would like assistance, do feel free to contact us through Live Chat or by submitting a ticket with our Technical Support team.