How To Login To Your WordPress Dashboard

Before you can use any of WordPress’ features, you will first need to login to the Dashboard. The dashboard is where you can manage the posts and pages for your site as well as access the overview of your WordPress installation. 

Where Can I Find My Dashboard Location?

If you have not altered the dashboard login URL, either by using a plugin or directly editing the WordPress files, the default WordPress dashboard can be accessed either by adding /wp-admin to the ending of the URL that you have installed WordPress to. For example, if you had your WordPress site at You could use to get to the Dashboard login page.

If you have changed where the dashboard can be accessed from, you may need to locate using the plugin where you changed your dashboard to be in that plugin. Though if you are looking to change it from the default /wp-admin that can easily be done following this guide here.

I’m At The Page To Login, What Now?

At the login page, you will want to enter in your login details. You would have set these when you first installed WordPress. By default, the username would have been admin although we highly recommend you change this from the default username. If you have forgotten the password that you set, there are fortunately multiple ways this can be reset. You can review this guide to assist with resetting your password.

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