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How To Manage The Module Queue In WHMCS

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One of the most appealing features of WHMCS, is that is can automate a lot of the tedious tasks that you may not want to do manually. In many cases, this does come with a risk. If the automatic process does not complete successfully, how will you know? Luckily, WHMCS has the Module Queue page, that allows you to view Automated processes that have failed and the reason why it had failed. You can also Retry the automated task to see if it goes through a second time. (Or to help investigate what may have gone wrong if it happens again). If you decide to manually fix the problem, you can simply Mark the Item as Resolved and it will no longer be in that queue.

Where To Find the Module Queue

Step One: Log into your WHMCS Dashboard

Step Two: From the menu at the top, navigate to find Utilities -> Module Queue. Click on that to be brought to the Module Queue page.

WHMCS Utilities Module Queue Top Menu Button Location

Step Three: You should now be on the Module Queue page within WHMCS, where you can manage this queue.

WHMCS Utilities Module Queue Page Example With Item

The Module Queue page will display the Client and Service that was affected by the Process that failed to run. This will be listed under the Client/Service column. Under the Module/Action column, you can find the Module that the failed Process belongs to, and the Action that was running that had failed. Underneath the Failure Reason, it will show a reason on why it had failed, so as to provide a means to resolve the issue.

Resolving Failed Processes

Sometimes an issue that prevents an automated process can be temporary. You can reinitiate the Processes from the Retry, or Retry All buttons. If retrying the process succeeds this time, it will be removed from this Module Queue list.

To Retry All Failed Processes

To retry all the failed processes, click on the Retry All button located in the upper right corner on the Module Queue page.

WHMCS Utilities Module Queue Page Retry All Modules Button Location

To Retry A Specific Failed Process

If you want to retry only a specific failed process, or do them one at a time manually, this can be done by selecting the Retry button that is next to the process that you are wanting to retry.

WHMCS Utilities Module Queue Page Retry Single Module Button Location

Manually Resolving Failed Processes

If Retrying the process does not work the second time, you may need to manually run whatever function is not working properly. If that is the case, once you have resolved the failure on your end, you can simply mark the Item as resolved to remove it from the queue. This can be done by clicking the, Mark Resolved button next to the particular item in the list.

WHMCS Utilities Module Queue Page Mark Module As Resolved Manual Button Location

If you should have any questions or would like assistance, do feel free to contact us through Live Chat or by submitting a ticket with our Technical Support team.