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How to Manage Tickets in WHMCS

This intent of this guide is to demonstrate how to open a ticket using WHMCS and illustrate this process for Hostwinds clients who want to understand how this works. After purchasing and installing this as White Label Reseller, through Softaculous or choosing to manually install WHMCS, you will have access to WHMCS’s back-end infrastructure allowing you to manage and personalize your web hosting services.

This guide describes how you can open a support ticket on behalf of your client in WHMCS. We will also cover answering a ticket, changing the status, and how to assign tickets.


Opening the Ticket

You can either open a Ticket through the Support Dropdown or through the Client Summary

Through the Support drop-down, there is an Open New Ticket option

Support DD, Open Ticket


If you are in the Client Summary, you can select Open Ticket in Other Actions.


Open Ticket,Client Summery


If you receive this warning you need to create a Support Department


Open Ticket,No Support Departments


You can then create the ticket and enter the following fields:

  • Client – If you select the client this will autofill the email and Name for the client
  • Email Address– The email address you want the ticket to be sent to
  • Subject – A brief description of what the issue is about
  • Department– If you have more than one Support department set up you can select which department you want the ticket to go to


If you need to add a screenshot or other files to the ticket, you can attach files through the attachments section at the bottom of the page. You can also add more than one attachment by selecting Add More.

Add more


After you open the ticket you will be brought to a page where you can reply, add private notes, or assign the ticket to a specific user.


Viewing Support Tickets

You can view tickets by going through the Support Dropdown or through the Client’s summary Page


SuppertDD view tickets


You will then be brought to a page where you can view all of your open tickets


View Tickets From The Client Summary

If you are in the Client’s Summary you can view their tickets by selecting View all Support Tickets in Other Actions


SuppertDD view tickets


If you go through the client summary, you will be shown only that client’s tickets


Adding a Note To A Ticket

You can add a private note to a ticket that only WHMCS users can see. To do this, once you are in the Ticket, you can select the Add Note tab


Private note tab


After adding your note it will appear in pink and be labeled “Private Note”


Private note example


Assigning A Ticket

You can Assign a Ticket to a specific WHMCS user, through the ticket’s page on the left-hand side panel labels Ticket Info


Assign ticket


Once the ticket the ticket is assigned to a user, it will show in their assigned tickets when they view the open tickets.


Changing the Ticket Status

The Tickets original status is set to open, you can change the ticket status through ticket page by selecting the drop-down next to the ticket name.

Ticket Status Dropdown


Once a WHMCS user responds to the ticket it will automatically change its status to Answered.


When your client replies to the ticket, the status is set to customer reply.