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How To Remove An IP Block From Your Server

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If you are having any difficulty at all accessing your server, it is a good idea to remove any blocks against your computer’s IP Address from the server end so that you can try again. There are various reasons why an IP would be blocked from accessing a server, and most times is due to too many failed login attempts. This can happen from time to time and is really quick for you to resolve.

This guide will go over how a Hostwinds Client can remove a block against their IP address through the Client Area and will require access to login to your account in order to remove any blocks.

Remove Blocked IP

Step One: Click on the name of your service in the middle of the page. The green manage button will open up the service for you.

Step Two: Locate the Firewall Unblock section of the page

remove firewall block

Step Three: Confirm that this is your computer’s IP Address and click on the green Unblock button

You can find your computer’s IP Address by visiting and typing in IP in the search box and hitting Enter. The search results will include your “Your public IP address” to confirm here.

If you need to remove a block of another IP Address from your server, you can also enter the IP Address in this field to remove any blocks against another IP other than your own.

Of course, if you have any questions at all or need any help with this, please contact our support team in Live Chat or send us an email ticket with your IP Address and server name so we can help you with this.

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