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How To Setup Addon Modules In WHMCS

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WHMCS provides support for a wide variety of addons. The way to enable and configure these addons is through the addon module settings. This guide goes over the addon modules available and how to enable and configure an addon module.


To access the addon module settings in WHMCS, navigate to Setup -> Addon Modules.


Setup Menu


The main page for the Addon Modules settings simply displays a list of available addon modules with buttons to activate, deactivate, or configure the modules.


Addon Modules


Each module in this list you can individually activate with a click of the Activate button, or deactivate with a click of the Deactivate button.


Each module also has configurable options that can be displayed by clicking the Configure button. The available options very between each module. Here’s an example for the Hostwinds Reseller addon module:


Hostwinds Reseller Configurable Options