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How To Setup Client Groups in WHMCS

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WHMCS provides support to assigning you clients into different groups to more easily differentiate between your customers and what policies, options, or promotions may apply to them. This article goes over the Client Groups options of WHMCS and how to manage them.


To access the Client Groups options, simply navigate to Setup -> Client Groups.


WHMCS Setup Menu


This will then bring up the following page:


Client Groups


This page will list all your existing client groups, and presents a form you can fill out to add a new client group.


Adding a New Client Group

To add a new client group, simply fill out the form on the main Client Groups page.

  • Group Name: The name of the group.
  • Group Color: The color the group will be displayed with within WHMCS.
  • Group Discount %: Discount percentage members of this group will receive on their orders.
  • Exempt from Suspend & Terminate: Exempts members of this group from automatic suspension and termination.
  • Separate Invoices for Services: Specifies the services members of this group have to be billed in a separate invoice per service.


Editing a Client Group

To modify an existing client group, simply click the Edit Edit button for the group you want to edit to fill the same Add Client Group form with the existing information. Change the fields as necessary and click Save Changes.


Removing a Client Group

To remove an existing client group, simply click the Remove Remove button for the group you want to remove, and click OK on the confirmation popup.