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How To Setup Notifications in WHMCS

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Within WHMCS, you can configure the system to automatically send notifications over several channels from a wide variety of events. This article is for information and instructions on using these notification settings.


Setup Notifications

You can access the notification settings in WHMCS from the Admin interface and navigating to Setup -> Notifications.


WHMCS Notifications


Notification Channels

WHMCS provides support for sending notifications over email, or through HipChat or Slack. To configure and activate each of these, simply click the Configure button below the channel you want to use and follow the instructions below.


Notification Configurations



To configure Email notifications, simply provide a name and email address. This name and address are what will appear as the sender of the email to the notification’s recipients. It does not matter if this email account is actually configured somewhere.


Email Configuration



To configure HipChat notifications, you will need a HipChat account and need to generate an API token. To generate a HipChat API token, you will need to follow the appropriate instructions from here for your configuration and how secure you want to keep your token. The simplest way is described at the bottom as Personal access tokens under User generated tokens. Then simply provide the API Token to where WHMCS asks for it, and provide a URL to your HipChat server (if you’re hosting it yourself), then save the changes.


HipChat Configuration



Similar to HipChat, to configure Slack you must have a Slack account and need to generate a token for authentication. To generate an OAuth Access Token, you will need to register a new app here, and give it the ‘channel:read‘ and ‘chat:write:bot‘ security scopes. The new application should be given a newly generated token. Then simply input your new OAuth Access Token to where WHMCS prompts for it and save the changes.


Slack Configuration


Notification Rules

To specify a trigger for when to send notifications and with what content, begin by clicking the Create New Notification Rule button.


Create New Notification Rule Button


Then you will be prompted with the following interface:


Create New Notification Rule


Give your new rule a name, then specify what will trigger a notification with the Event and Conditions categories.


The Event category lets you choose what the primary event is and the Conditions categories lets you filter it down further.

For example, you can turn on notifications for all new Technical Support tickets by selecting New Ticket from the Ticket section of the Event category, then selecting Technical Support from the Department drop-down in the Conditions category.


You can then specify how you want your notifications delivered by selecting either Email, HipChat, or Slack in the Notification Settings category. Only the notification channels you previously configured will appear in this section.


Each notification channel is slightly different, but each will ask for what kind of content the notification should have and who or where the notification should be sent to.


For example, the Email notification channel will ask which pre-made Email Template you want to use for the notification, and a list of email addresses you want to send it to. To configure custom email templates, you can view our guide on the WHMCS Email Templates settings here.


Email Notification Settings


Once you have the notification rule configured how you like, simply click Create and the rule will be created and activated. You can then view and manage that rule, along with all others, from the main Notifications page.


List of Notification Rules