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SMTP Restrictions in WHM

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WHM access is not available for our shared and/or business shared clients as this requires root access and the license.  For more information on how to log into your WHM interface, please review How to Get Started with your New cPanel Server

How Do I Setup SMTP Restrictions?

You can setup SMTP Restrictions by logging into WHM, searching for “SMTP” (1), selecting SMTP Restrictions under Security Center (2) and reviewing SMTP Restrictions (3).

WHM SMTP Restrictions Location Image

Inside the interface, click the Enable button to start the service.

how to enable smtp restrictions in whm

SMTP Restrictions is a feature in WHM that stops users from bypassing the mail server to send mail.  This service is useful because bypassing mail servers is a common practice of spammers.  By setting up restrictions you’ll only receive mail from root connections, Mailman mailing list software and mail transport agent (MTA) to remote SMTP servers.

Selecting Tweak Settings will take you into WHM >> Tweak Settings where you can also adjust SMTP settings like:

  • Restrict outgoing SMTP to root, exim, and mailman
  • Allow users to relay mail if they use an IP address through which someone has validated an IMAP or POP3 login within the last hour (Pop-before-SMTP)
  • Add X-PopBeforeSMTP header for mail sent via POP-before-SMTP

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