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Using Two-Factor Authentication With WHM

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WHM access is not available for our shared and/or business shared clients as this requires root access and the license.  For more information on how to log into your WHM interface, please review How to Get Started with your New cPanel Server

What Is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication is a way of confirming someone’s credentials through two methods.  For example, you must provide a password on the website along with your username AND a text message will be sent to the phone you put on file when registering the account.  Once you provide the pin code from your text message online you’ll have authenticated your information from two different sources.

How Do I Configure Two-Factor Authentication In WHM?

To setup two-factor authentication on WHM, follow the guide below.

You’ll need a smartphone with a proper time-based one-time password (TOTP) app on it

Here are 3 options for you:

  • Google Authenticator – Android, Blackberry and iOS
  • Duo Mobile – Android and iOS
  • Authenticator – Windows Phone

How To Configure Two-Factor Authentication (OAUTH)

Step 1:  Log in to your WHM account

Step 2:  Search for “two-factor” in the WHM search bar (1) >> Choose Two-Factor Authentication under Security Center (2) >> and review Two-Factor Authentication (3).

WHM Two Factor Authentication Location Image

Step 3:  Click the ON/OFF switch to ON and enable the service

WHM Two Factor Authentication On and Off button Image

Step 4:  The system will automatically configure your issuer information in the text box with your host-name under the Settings tab.  By default, your host-name will be selected.  Feel free to change this or leave it as is.  Click on Save when done.

WHM Two Factor Settings Tab Location Image

Step 5:  Click the Manage Users tab.  Manage Users provides the ability to manage all users that have access to your WHM.  Here you can select users independently and disable there access by selecting the checkbox next to their name.  Or you can select all users by selecting the check box to the top left.  Once checked, click on the settings icon in the top-right to disable or remove the selected users.

WHM Manage Users Image

Step 6:  Select the Manage My Account tab and click the Set Up Two-Factor Authentication button.

WHM Set up two way authentication image

Step 7:  You’ll be provided with two options, you only need to use one method

a.) QR Code – Scan with one of the apps we listed above
b.) Manual Configuration – Enter the account and Key information into the mobile phone application

Step 8:  Now move to your mobile device.  The Mobile application will display a 6 digit security code

Step 9:  Enter the 6 digit security code into the Security Code text box

Step 10:  Click the Configure Two-Factor Authentication button

Step 11:  Confirmation will appear if done properly

Showing step 2 of Two-Factor Authentication in WHM

Two-Factor should now be enabled on your WHM

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