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How To Setup WHMCS Application Links

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The Application Links configuration allows you to give your clients easy access to aspects of their WHMCS/client profile from within third party applications. This page lists all supported third party applications currently setup on the system.

Application Links

To enable application links in a specific third party application, simply toggle the on/off slider on the application you want. You can then click the Configure link to further customize what aspects of the client’s account are easily accessible from the application. The following example is for configuring application links with cPanel:

Configur cPanel Application Links

You can use the on/off sliders to enable or disable the links to each listed part of WHMCS or their client account. You can change the display label for the link by modifying the textbox in the Display Label column. You can also adjust the order in which the links appear to the user by clicking and dragging the arrows displayed to the right of each link option.

The cPanel Application Links requires active cPanel servers to be registered within WHMCS.