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How To Tune In To Your SHOUTcast Station

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With having a SHOUTcast server, there are a few ways that you can get your listeners to tune in such as directly through your site, or web page, or even by downloading a file for their preferred audio application. In any case, this guide will show you how you can get that setup easily through the WHMSonic SHOUTcast Control Panel.

Embedding An HTML5 Player

A great way to advertise your station would be directly on your site. This would be through embedding one of the many available code snippets into your HTML for your web page. These options can be found within the Website Integrations section of your SHOUTcast Control Panel.

SHOUTcast Website Integrations Menu Options Listed

Create a FlashPlayer AAC+

While not the most recommended option, you can integrate your SHOUTcast station with your site through FlashPlayer.  By clicking the Create a FlashPlayer AAC+ from the Website Integrations menu, you will be brought to a page where you can download the files for your site. A downside of using this method is that those without the FlashPlayer will be unable to tune in through this method as highlighted in the image below.

SHOUTcast Website Integrations with Flash Player (AAC +)

Copy / Paste HTML5 Player

The easiest way to get the SHOUTcast station to play on your site is through the Copy/Paste HTML5 Player in WHMSonic. After clicking the Copy/Paste HTML5 Player in the Website Integrations menu, you will be brought to a page with a sample of the player, and a snippet of code to use. The sample gives you a preview of what the player would look like if you were to use the code below. The code would be added into your sites code where you want the player to display.

SHOUTcast Website Integration with Copy Paste HTML5 player

Simple HTML5 Player

Clicking on the Simple HTML5 Player from the Website Integrations list will present you with a more advanced version of the Copy/Paste HTML5 Player. This player can also look nicer on some browsers. Though this one is not as advanced as the Advanced HTML5 Player. On this page, instead of being presented with a Code Snippet to put on your site, it gives you the files themselves that are to be used for the player. You would essentially place these into the directory of your site where you want the player to be viewed.

SHOUTcast Website Integrations Simple HTML5 Player

Advanced HTML5 Player

For a much nicer looking web player for your SHOUTcast station, there is the Advanced HTML5 Player from the Website Integrations menu. Though with this option, it is required to have PHP enabled on your web server. You can see an example of what this player would look like to your listeners, as well as a link to download the files for the player. To set this up, you will want to place those files where you want the web player for your station to be located.

SHOUTcast Website Integrations Advanced HTML5 Player

Create Player Links

Sometimes you may want to provide links so that your Listeners can listen in the application of their choice. While this won’t be easy for some to setup, it can be more convenient than having to go to your website. By selecting Create Player Links, you will be presented with Hyperlinks that you can have on your site for your listeners to download files for external media players. The media players with a playlist link supplied for are Winamp, MediaPlayer, QuickTime, and RealPlayer. Your listeners would download the appropriate player file through your site, then open it with the player to start listening.

SHOUTcast Website Integrations External Player Links

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