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How to Use Add Roles and Features Wizard

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So you’re ready to start configuring your Windows Server 2016 system, but you don’t know where to start? A good place to start would be the Add Roles and Features Wizard. The Add Roles and Features Wizard is a powerful tool that allows you to install and initialize the features and roles that the OS provides, as well as “snap-in” functions to the server that would normally take a long series of commands in a terminal or powershell.

The Add Roles and Features Wizard was first introduced in Windows Server 2008 R2, and has since become a main feature of the OS, allowing most users to easily install roles and features.

This guide will go into the steps on how to use this feature on Windows Server 2016.


Installing a Role and/or Feature

1. Open the Server Manager if it’s not already open


The Server Manager


2. Click Manage and then Add Roles and Features


Clicking the Manage button at the top of the window


3. Review “Before you Begin” if necessary. Then click next


The Before You Begin page after the Wizard opens


4. Select Role-based or Feature-based Installation, if it is not already selected. Then click next


Select the option you wish to choose. In this case the Role-Based or Feature-Based Installation


5. Select the server you wish to use if you have more than one and then click next. It is recommended to delegate roles to other servers if one already has 3 or more


Select your server.


6. Select the role/s you wish to add to the server and click next


Select the server role you wish to install.


7. Confirm that these are the roles you wish to install, and select if you wish to include management tools. (Recommended) Then click Add Features


Required Features window that pops up when the role is selected (In this context, Active Directory)


8. Proceed to the Features window. Select the features you wish to include


Select the Features you'd like to install


9. Click next to move forward confirming the details and taking a moment to read any details that are important


Confirming details and things to note.


10. In the context of Active Directory, an additional screen will populate, presenting the services for Active Directory. Select the services you wish to include, and then click next


Role Services, typically involving things you wish to use it for. In this context, Certificate Authority is selected.


11. Review further details about additional features it will include, as well as alternatives that can be used


Information about Active Directory Domain Services and Azure Active Domain


12. After clicking next through the further features, confirm what is being installed, and select if you wish to restart your server for this. This is highly recommended if you are installing more than one feature or role


The confirmation and restart prompt for Automatic Restarts if needed.


13. Click Install and the installation will proceed


The installation screen and progress screen.


14. Once completed, the window will indicate what is completed, or if there were any errors. Additionally it will provide links to configuring the services and roles


The results screen.


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