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How To Use Tracking Links With WHMCS

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With WHMCS, it allows you to track link conversions and clicks through an easy to use interface. With the Link Tracking in WHMCS, you can craft personal links that you can use to track where your visitors are coming from as well as how successful the link is in converting to clients.

Where to Find the Link Tracking In WHMCS

Step One: Log into your WHMCS Administrator Dashboard.

Step Two: From the menu at the top, navigate to Utilities -> Link Tracking. This will take you to the page where you can manage and add Tracking Links.

WHMCS Utilities Link Tracking Top Menu Button Location

On this page, by default, you may see that there are no records or Links that are tracking. It will be like that until you add some Tracking Links. The ID is the ID of the Tracking Link that exists in the database for WHMCS. The Name will be the internal name that is set during creation of the link to easily idenfy the purpose of the link. The Link column will show where the tracking link redirects to after being clicked. As for the Clicks column, this shows how many visitors have clicked through that link to your site. Conversions being how many visitors that clicked through the link and purchased a product from you. With both the Clicks and Conversions, these are used to calculate the Conversion Rate, as displayed in the next column.

WHMCS Utilities Link Tracking Main Page Example

How To Add A Tracking Link In WHMCS

Step One: From the Link Tracking page in WHMCS, you will first want to click on Add a New Link in the upper left.

WHMCS Utilities Link Tracking Add a New Tracking Link Button Location

Step Two: Clicking that will take you to a page where you can input some data. It will look similar to the following,

WHMCS Utilities Link Tracking Add a New Tracking Link Example Page

Edit the values of the Link to how you would like for the Link that you are going to be tracking clicks to.

  • Name – This will be the internal name of the Tracking link for your personal identification.
  • Forward To – This is where you want the link to send your visitors. The visitors will first be sent to the link on your WHMCS, then will proceed to the link in this field.
  • Clicks – You can set an initial value for how many clicks the link has received. Recommended to start this at 0.
  • Conversions – This is how many visitors have traveled through the link and purchased a product. You can set an initial starting value here, however for the most accurate representation, it is recommended to leave this at 0.

Step Three: Once you have finished inputting the link and name, you can click the Save Changes button and it will generate a link and add it to the list of active links.

WHMCS Utilities Link Tracking Main Page With Link Example Page

Step Four: To view the new link that was generated, you will need to proceed with acting as if you were modifying the link, and it will be displayed as a field.

Modifying A Tracking Link and Getting The Tracking URL

Step One: On the main Link Tracking page within WHMCS, in the list of current tracking links, there will be an icon to the right of each entry to edit the link. This icon will be similar to a Pencil and Paper. Click this link to proceed to the modification page.

WHMCS Utilities Link Tracking Modify Link Button Location

Step Two: After clicking that you will be brought to a page that is very similar to creating a new Tracking Link, however now there will be a new field that contains the tracking link. This is what you have your visitors click on to track their visits and conversions.

WHMCS Utilities Link Tracking Edit Link Example Page

Removing A Tracking Link

Step One: If you no longer have a specific promotion going on, or simply want to remove a tracking link from your site, it can be removed from the WHMCS Link Tracking main page. Next to each Link displayed, there will be a red icon that can be clicked on to permanently remove the tracking link. There will be a confirmation dialog that pops up when this is done.

WHMCS Utilities Link Tracking Remove Link Button Location

If you should have any questions or would like assistance, do feel free to contact us through Live Chat or by submitting a ticket with our Technical Support team.