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Install SMTP on Windows Server 2012

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When installing a Windows Server 2012 Instance at Hostwinds, you may want to extend the features of the Operating System. A common feature you may want is to have the ability to send emails from your Windows Instance. Let’s go over that in this guide once you have gained access to your VPS using RDP and are logged in as the Administrator user.


Install IIS web server with SMTP on Windows Server 2012

Step One: Click on Server Manager on the lower left side of the screen:


launch server manager


Step Two: Click on Add Roles and Features in the middle of the page


add roles and features


Step Three: Click on Next until you see the screen to select Role-based or feature-based installation and click on next:


role-based or feature based installation


Step Four: Ensure your server is in the pool and selected. Click on Next


select a server from the server pool


Step Five: Check the box by Web Server (IIS)


select web server iis


Step Six: A pop up box will appear. Ensure the box for Include management tools (if applicable) is checked and click on the Add Features button


include management tools if applicable


Step Seven: Select SMTP Server in the feature list by checking this box to allow your SMTP Server to support the transfer or e-mail messages between e-mail systems


enable smtp server on windows server 2012


Step Eight: Ensure the Include management tools (if applicable) check box is checked and click on the Add Features button. This will also install other role services or features


include management features for smtp server on windows server 2016


Step Nine: Click the Next button

Step Ten: Review the information on the screen and press the next button once again


web server role iis


Step Eleven: Select the role services to install for Web Server (IIS) and click on next


select role services


Step Twelve: Review the installation details and click on the Install button to begin


install iis with smtp server on windows server 2012


[notification type=”alert-success” close=”false” ]You can close the wizard without interrupting running tasks and also export the configuration settings. Once you have received an installation completed message, you can close the window


installation progress of iis on windows server 2012[/notification]


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