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Is My Domain WHOIS Information Public?

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When you register a domain name, you are asked to provide quite a bit of information. This is so that if ICANN (the Organization that handles domain name registrations), needs to get in touch with you for any reason, they are able to do so. If this information is not accurate, you risk losing control of your domain. A downside of this, is that if someone runs a WHOIS Lookup on your domain name, they may be able to see the contact information that you initially supplied. Thankfully, Hostwinds domain name registrations come with a Gated WHOIS system to help make your information less public.

What Is The Gated WHOIS System?

With the Gated WHOIS System, your information will be kept safe from prying eyes, where not just anyone can lookup the information on your domain and find your information. Keep in mind that your information will still be required to register your domain names, it just makes it harder to gain access to the information you supply. Only those with access to the registrar’s Gated WHOIS Lookups would be able to access the information.

Is Domain ID Protection Needed Then?

With the Gated WHOIS, it does limit who has access to your information for your domain. Though purchasing Domain ID Protection is an extra way to prevent those with access to the Gated WHOIS Lookups as well from viewing your information.

Who Has Access To The Gated WHOIS?

WHOIS information is only allowed after passing a rigorous authentication process. Only those with a legitimate interest are given access to the gated WHOIS system and this access is restricted to only those data elements that the user needs. Parties with a “legitimate interest” may include law enforcement agents, members of the security community, and commercial litigators. Only those with a legitimate legal basis have access to the data they need in order to protect the public and exercise their own rights.

What If I Want My Information Public?

We are unable to disable the Gated WHOIS information on your domain name registration with Hostwinds. If you are looking to have your information be public for your site, it is recommended to have an About Us or Contact Us page where you can put your contact information on your website.

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