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Joomla! Features/Overview

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Joomla! is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content. Content Management System for publishing web material.  It has a built in model-view-controller application and is a choice for many different websites.

Developers and site owners can use Joomla! to fit a variety of needs such as:

  • Inventory control systems
  • Data reporting tools
  • Application bridges
  • Custom product catalogs
  • Integrated e-commerce systems
  • Complex business directories
  • Reservation systems
  • Communication tools


Joomla! is Flexible 

Joomla! has thousands of verified third party extensions which can be found at Joomla! Extensions Directory.

There are thousands of high quality templates available as well – many of them are free.

There are many different types of layouts possible.

  • Custom Layouts
  • Language overrides
  • Template overrides
  • Custom CSS

For training on Joomla! – please visit:


Joomla! Provides SEO

Joomla! has powerful SEO tools built and ready right out of the box including the following:

-Metadata and Keywords.

-Mod_rewrite support for SEF URLs

-Menu creation for building a clear and consistent sitemap.


Joomla! Is Open Source

What does this mean?

-Joomla! is created, maintained and supported by a unique volunteer community.

-Joomla! is surrounded by an extensive ecosystem of IT Community.

-With Joomla! you get the benefits of thousands of hours of development.


Security Has Conscious Development

-Joomla! features built in two-factor authentication and extensive access control.


Joomla! is Fluent

Joomla! provides over 70 translation packs for the core and out of the box support. This is a unique feature that allows this to help you create multilingual websites.


Joomla! Grows Organically

Joomla will fluidly grow as your business or operations grow – this is because of its stable core and dependability.

  • With integrated ACL – you can define access rights for Joomla.
  • Through the API and strong code base, you can produce quality solutions, that last and are extendable.
  • Through modern techniques and minimum requirements like PHP 7.x – you can expect a stable development environment.


Joomla! allows you to Build Powerful PHP applications

With Joomla you can write web and command line applications in PHP.


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