Is There a Limit to How Many IP Addresses I Can Have?

There’s no limit to the amount of IPs you can have for a cloud or dedicated server with Hostwinds. It’s up to you how many you wish to purchase at $2 per IP / $5 per unique c-class IP.


How do I Add More IPs to My Cloud Server?


If you want to add more IPs to your cloud server, you can do so in your client area.


  1. Go to Services > My Services




  1. Click server you want to add IPs to, and then click Manage IP’s




  1. Select Upgrade/Downgrade Options – The next screen will show what options are available


Showing the Upgrade Downgrade Options in the Hostwinds client area



  1. In the Extra IP Addresses field, put the total number of IPs you want to have. For example, if want a total of seven IPs for your VPS, it doesn’t matter if you currently have 0 extra IPs or if you already have 4 extra IPs…. you’d put 7 in this box for the total.
  2. Select Click to Continue 


Showing how to add extra IP addresses using the Configurable Options page in the Hostwinds client area


  1. The price shown here will be prorated for the amount of time you still had left on the current plan/options
  2. Pay invoice


Note: Once payment is complete, a ticket will be created for you so our technicians can add the IPs to your account. You’ll be notified by a ticket once they’ve been added.


How do I Add More IPs to my Dedicated Server?

If you want to add IPs to your dedicated server, you purchase separate IP blocks by contacting us through Live Chat, phone or opening a ticket. (ie Seattle /27, Dallas /24)


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