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List Of Useful Ports To Know At Hostwinds

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Port numbers are part of the addressing information used to identify the senders and receivers of messages. Ports are additions to IP’s associated with TCP/IP protocols.  Ports are typically hidden (like HTTP), however, some are appended on the end of your IP (ex 123.456.78.9:80).  Please keep in mind that the below ports may not be available or opened depending on the service you purchased.




 HTTP  80
 FTP  21
 Secure Shell (SSH)  22
 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)  25
 MySQL  3306 (by default)
 cPanel  2083
 WHM  2087
 Webmail  2096
 Domain Name System (DNS)  53
Outgoing SMTP (secured) 465
Receiving IMAP (secured)  993
Receiving POP3 (secured)  995
Outgoing SMTP (unsecured)  587
Receiving IMAP (unsecured)  143
Receiving POP3 (unsecured)  110


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