McMyAdmin Server Status

McMyAdmin 2 makes monitoring and managing your Minecraft server quick and easy. One of the most useful options available in McMyAdmin is the Server Status, which provides you with real time information about the server’s status, resource usage, as well as quick commands for basic server operation as needed.


Server Status


The Server Status option can be found on the lefthand side of McMyAdmin, at the very top of the list of server controls and settings, as shown here:


The sidebar of McMyAdmin with Status selected


Once you click on this section, you will see the following screen:


The Minecraft server status page


Let’s break down what is being shown.

At the top is the server’s current state. This is where it will say whether the server is online, and if the server is accepting new players to join it.

The McMyAdmin server status indicator

Directly beneath that is where the server reports how long it has been continuously running for, broken down into days, hours, and minutes.

The McMyAdmin server status server uptime indicator

In the top right, this screen details when the last update was made regarding the server’s current status and information.

The McMyAdmin server status update indicator

Below that, it indicates the current time as reported on the server.

The McMyAdmin server status server time indicator

The next line shows how many players are currently logged onto the server, out of the total maximum allowed.

The McMyAdmin server status players online indicator

The first bar graph shown is the recent graph of the server’s CPU resource usage. This graph updates in real time, updated every few seconds with both the percent of CPU used and a graphical representation of the usage.

The Minecraft server status CPU usage graph

The second bar graph shows the RAM usages of the server in real time, updated every few seconds. This graph not only details the percent of RAM used, but also shows the total amount of RAM allocated for the McMyAdmin server.

The McMyAdmin server status RAM usage graph

The final section on the Status page is the three server commands you can run for the server’s operation.

The McMyAdmin server status operations buttons

Stopping the server will cause the Minecraft server to stop and no longer use any resources, and prevent any users from joining until the server is restarted. If the server is already stopped, this option is replaced with a Start Server button.

Sleeping the server will cause the server to no longer consume resources, but will restart itself if a player attempts to connect.

Restarting the server will cause the McMyAdmin server to restart itself. This process can take a few seconds, and will noticeably cause a gap in the CPU and RAM usage graphs for the time it is restarting.


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