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Microsoft Management Console (Windows Server)

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This guide is intended for Hostwinds clients with a Cloud VPS or Dedicated Server using the Windows Server Operating System.

What is the Microsoft Management Console?

The Microsoft Management Console, hereon referred to as “MMC”, is a flexible management interface you can use to get quick access to different server management tools, such as the Device Manager or Performance Monitor. The tools you can add are referred to as Snap-ins.

How to Use Microsoft Management Console

To access MMC, press [Windows Key] + [R] and enter mmc.


This will open a blank console. From here, you can start adding snap-ins to your console. 

To add a snap-in, click File > Add/Remove Snap-in… (or press [Ctrl] + [M])

You can now select what tools you would like to have quick access to. For this demonstration, we will be adding snap-ins for the Device Manager and Event Viewer. To do this, click the snap-in, and click Add, then OK when you have all the tools you would like.

The snap-ins will now appear in the middle pane of the window. You can double-click these to open that tool in the middle-pane.

To save the console configuration, click File > Save ([Ctrl] + [S]) and choose a name for this console. For demonstration, ours will be called devicemonitor.msc.

You can now open MMC and click File > Open ([Ctrl] + [O]) in order to load one of your saved profiles.

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