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Microsoft SQL Licenses

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Hostwinds offers Microsoft SQL Licenses for our Cloud VPS and Dedicated Server products.

To purchase a license, users can navigate to this link from their client area, and select the Microsoft SQL Server License.

You may also login to your account at and navigate to Services > Order New Services > Licenses to order any licenses.

License Options

We offer licenses for the following options –

Microsoft SQL Server Web – 2012, 2014, 2016

When purchasing your license, simply select the year that best suits your needs.

Then chose the number of CPU cores on the VPS or Dedicated server.

Note that there is a 4 core ($30 per month) minimum per Microsoft, and that virtual (hyperthreaded) cores on dedicated CPUs don’t count. Additional licensing for more cores may apply if you have more than 4 cores for your Cloud VPS or Dedicated Server.

For example, a 2 core VPS will choose 4 CPU Cores as that is the minimum number of cores for any licensing for Microsoft SQL Server Web.


Once ordered, submit a support ticket and our Support Technicians will install SQL Server on your server, along with the licensing.

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