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Monitor Website Visitors

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Hostwinds monitors our shared and business web hosting servers very, very closely to ensure they are performing well at all times, 24/7/365. We have several measures in place and also have alerts to make Administration of your Shared or Business web hosting server painless. We also respond to any issues with urgency and as soon as they are presented.

While we do have server monitoring in place, you also have the ability to monitor your account to determine if you are receiving any unwanted visitors to make sure your site is performing at optimal levels.

How Do I Monitor My Website Visitors

Step One: Login to your cPanel Account

Step Two: Scroll down to the Metrics section

Step Three: Utilize the features that are available there to review the traffic that is coming to your site

We suggest reviewing your account visitors often to identify how your resources are being used.

How Do I Block An IP?

If you find that there is website visitors that are visiting your website and consuming your bandwidth, you may want to consider blocking the IP Address from accessing your site. This will ensure that the resources that are being used from your account is desirable and not from bad actors.

Step One: In cPanel, you can scroll down to the Security Section

Step Two: Click on the Block and IP icon to block and IP Address

Block an IP From Your Site using the IP Blocker

You can specify denied IP addresses in the following formats:

Single IP Address
Implied Range
CIDR Format
Implies 192...*

Monitoring your account is an important and very useful tool to ensure that the traffic that you are receiving is legitimate and takes time to look this over and continue to grow your site.

As your site grows, you can use the AWStats feature to see historical data. Monitoring your Visitors will also help determine if you are having any resource issues and will want to determine where your bandwidth is being consumed from and if an upgrade is worth considering to continue your site’s growth.

Will Hostwinds Monitor My Site For Me?

We do offer Monitoring Services for your Shared or Business Web Hosting account. To order this service and get started, you can follow these steps:

Step One: Login to your Hostwinds account at

Step Two: Click on the Manage Button next to your Shared or Business Hosting service

Step Three: Click on AddOns on the left side of the page in the Overview section

Step Four: Purchase and Activate Hostwinds Monitoring service to get started

Once you have purchased and activated Hostwinds Monitoring, you can set up alerts to monitor your site and also alert our Support Team to review your account for you. We do have a guide to help you get Monitoring for your account set up and configured to meet your needs.

If you do have any questions or any help, you are always welcome to open a support ticket or contact us in a Live Chat 24/7/365. We are always ready to help.

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