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Odoo Settings – (Apps, Translations, Users, Company)

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To manage your Odoo installation settings you can go to the settings area. From here you can create users, make translations, add apps, and manage company profiles. Here is how to find the Odoo Settings menu. Simply click the 4 square menu icon in the top left, then select Settings.

Click the 4 dot menu in the top right, then select settings.

Odoo Settings – Apps Installer

The Apps installer gives us a few options on what we would be able to install on Odoo. We can browse the current applications, view the application store, in-app purchases, or install a new theme as well. You can access the Apps Installer from the Odoo Settings as shown below.

Odoo Settings – Odoo Apps Section

Browse Apps

Browse Apps option

From this option, we are able to view, install/purchase, and manage your apps that you would like to install. There are many options, and we will try to cover them in the future, in other Odoo guides.

Odoo Default available Apps

These would be the available one-click applications that you would be able to install. Simply click install, or purchase the service first, then the application will be installed automatically. If you purchase an app, it should show up in the In-App Purchases.

App Store

You do also have the option to add other apps to the server as well through the App Store. Not all be shown in the Browse Apps option. There are many available options to choose from so you should be able to find anything that you need.

Online Odoo Apps Store

These applications are all third party applications created by other Odoo users, and can also be added to your Odoo installation. Once you purchase one of these services you would be able to review them in the In-App Purchases section.

In-App Purchases

To view services that you have purchased, you can click on the In-App Purchases, which would show any apps that you have purchased in the Odoo settings

Purchased Odoo Apps

Theme Store

A Themes Store is available for your Odoo installation as well, to make your interface for you and your users, the experience that you would like.

Odoo Theme Store

Odoo Settings – Translations

There is also a translations option that you can use as well. This is a helpful feature, as you can set the language settings of each user, to automatically convert text to the language that they select, but does not change the default language of Odoo. This is found in the Odoo Settings’ Translation section.

Loading a new Translation

This will allow you to set the language that you wish to add as a Language option for each user.

Setting a Language from a loaded Language

Odoo Settings – User Manager

To make additional Users in the Odoo settings you can check on the user Manager section. This allows you to invite people by email, or allow you to create a new account for them.

Odoo Settings – Users Menu

If you click on the Manage Access Rights you can then view all users that are currently created, or at least users you would be able to manage, and edit their account details. You can create new accounts manually with the create option, or if you have a CV file or equivalent, then import those users.

Users List

Clicking on Create will take you to the following window, which will allow you to manually create a user, setting the email and user name and their permissions. Right now there may not be much you can do with the user, but as you add more installations you each user will gain more options that you can

Edit User Menu

Odoo Settings – My Company

To edit your companies information, address, emails, and contacts. You can make these changes from the Odoo settings area.

Odoo Settings – Company Information Page

To view a list of all Companies you have created you can go to the Users & Companies tab at the top then select Companies.

This section will allow you to create and edit your current companies. Once you have more than one, you can switch between them with the dropdown menu to the top right.

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