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Password Reset (Hostwinds Services)

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Password resets can be confusing and there are many usernames and passwords to manage. This guide will assist you with resetting various passwords for several different Hostwinds services. We will cover the following:

  1. Email Accounts
  2. Hostwinds Client Area
  3. Cloud VPS Servers
  4. Dedicated Servers
  5. Shared or Business Web Hosting
  6. FTP Account
  7. WordPress Admin User
  8.  cPanel Account

It’s incredibly important to create strong passwords for all accounts and any services accessible via the web as a general rule and for your account security. Great passwords can be made up of a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols and may become very easy to forget and difficult to memorize because of their complexity. There may certainly come a time where you need to recover or reset your password.

1. Email Account Recovery (cPanel)

In order to reset your account password for your cPanel user, you will want to first Access your cPanel.

Scroll down to the Email section.

Click Email Accounts.

Select the Manage button with the wrench next to it.

If your account isn’t listed skip this step and jump to step after this

Under the Security heading, you can find the option to change the password. Using a password of 16 characters in length, made up of symbols, numbers, and letters is in fact ideal.

In the event, you don’t see your account listed within the “Account / @ Domain” page you can select the User Manager so see all accounts regardless of their affiliation.

Click Change Password, then edit the password to be something more memorable while also being secure.

You can find the area to change the password under the Security Information header.

2. Hostwinds Client Area 

It should be noted, you will need to navigate to the Hostwinds Client Area to login to your account.

Be sure to select Forgot Password. Assuming you have an account that’s paired with an email you remember and have access to enter it into the next

Enter in your email account that you used when signing up for your Hostwinds account. Then, click the green continue button

Our system will then send you a reset password email to the email address.

In the event the email used for the account creation is unknown or inaccessible, refer to our other method for gaining access to your Hostwinds account HERE

Hostwinds Cloud VPS

If you have an issue remembering a Cloud SSD VPS password, you can be viewed and edit it with this method HERE.

Dedicated Server

If there is a password issue accessing a Dedicated Server, the password reset instructi0ons can be found HERE.

Shared/Business Hosting 

You can change the cPanel password from the Client Area for your service.

First, select the Manage button to the right side of the product that has the cPanel password to be changed.

Then, you should find Change Password on the left side of the page in the Actions menu. 

cPanel FTP

If you have an individual FTP user, you may change your FTP Account password for any users that you have created as FTP Users.

You can change this via cPanel under the Files. Select FTP Accounts. 

“FTP Accounts” icon is visible once you scroll a bit. Select the account that requires an updated password.

The use of the password generator would be wise to use the account is safe.

WordPress Admin User

It should be noted there are several ways to regain access to a WordPress account


After logging into to cPanel, select the Softaculous Apps Installer under the Software label. 

At this point, Installations is where you want to click next 

The Blue Box

Last but not least, you want to select the pencil to the far right of the account in question.

If you scroll down you’ll find the Admin Account, under this you can change the admin password. Remember to save by scrolling to the very bottom.

It should be noted, the Admin username needs to be spelt correctly


WordPress Manager

First Scroll down to the WordPress Manager under the Applications tab in cPanel. This tab holds any preinstalled cPanel applications.

Click Manage.

Under the Overview tab select Admin. Here you can manage the Admin details of the account.

Adjacent to the pencil select Change User’s Password


WordPress URL

Nevertheless, if cPanel wasn’t used to install WordPress, you may access the admin area in your browser to access your login page and use the forgot password from there. or yourcPanelIP/wp-admin. 

You want to elect “Lost your password“.

Username or email address for the WordPress user’s account will need to be entered.

HERE is a guide that will help if all else failed.

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