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Why Do I Have to Pay for cPanel on My Server?

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Some control panels, such as cPanel, are supplied and supported by their own company who have developed and maintain the software. As a result, if you’d like to use this software you’ll need to purchase a license for each server that you want to use cPanel. On a shared server (Basic or Business) you’re splitting the cost for this license with other users on the server. In contrast, on a Cloud Instance or Dedicated Server, you are the only person utilizing the server and therefore you’re responsible for the cost of the license.

As a Hostwinds client, you’re able to purchase a cPanel license directly from us.  Due to our licensing contract with the company, the cost of a cPanel license would actually be lower than purchasing it from the company directly. We can set it up for you quickly and easily via a support ticket that is automatically created after the checkout process for new cPanel license orders. Alternatively, if you’re a more technical user or you don’t require cPanel specifically, you can check out this article that covers several of the best free control panels.