WHM PHP Configuration Common Tweaks

Ideal PHP settings are dependent on the software you’re using and whether or not you’re experiencing any issues with the current settings.  WHM allows you to adjust settings and make 4 different tweaks to the PHP in Tweak Settings. You can access Tweak Settings by going Home > Service Configuration > PHP Configuration Editor.


Best WHM PHP configuration tweaks


Showing the PHP Configuration Editor location in WHM



We’ve identified the ones for you that have the most impact below:  


PHP max execution time

If your site is poorly optimized to the point that your PHP script requires longer than 90 seconds to complete, PHP will prevent the process from completing. Ideally, you should optimize the script to take less time, but if it is not possible to do this, raising the execution time would solve your issue.


PHP upload max file size

The default is 150 megabytes or MB, but this can be reduced to prevent large files from overloading the server during upload.


PHP memory limit

The default is 64M. Some applications such as WordPress may require more than the default value. Please be aware that setting this value via this interface will enforce this setting across the entire server. Setting this value too high could allow all PHP related applications to overuse the available system memory.


Once you’re satisfied with the values that you have entered click the Save button.


Showing the PHP Configuration Editor in WHM



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