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Most Recommended WHM Tweaks

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What are the best WHM Tweak Settings?

WHM gives you incredible access to tweak and configure settings how you see fit.  In the Tweak Settings section of WHM, the spectrum ranges from cPanel Addons to System settings.  Adjusting your system performance to maximize your speed is vital and these recommendations will help you get the most out of your applications.

Below is a list of the most recommended Tweak Settings in WHM.  To get to Tweak Settings login into your WHM account and go to Home > Server Configuration > Tweak Settings.


Showing how to access Tweak Settings in WHM



  • Turn off Mailman
  • Set email delivery times to retry every 120 seconds (default is 60 seconds)
  • Set initial default/catch-all for accounts behavior to fail
  • Turn off Boxtrapper Spam Trap and SpamAssassin
  • Turn off Analog Stats and Webalizer Stats
  • Turn on Conserve Memory
  • Disable Allowing Anonymous Logins and Anonymous Uploads by checking no
    • Home > Service Configuration > FTP Server Configuration
  • Install spamdconf
    • Home > cPanel > Manage Plugins
  • Use off peak hours to run Cron jobs
  • Install eAcclerator PHP accelerator
  • Compile Apache with mod_deflate Gzip Module
  • Instead of the default MPM, use Apache with the thread-based Worker MPM