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How to Renew an SSL Certificate

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How Do I Renew an SSL Certificate?

In order to renew an SSL certificate, you need only to purchase a new certificate for the domains in question. The process of both purchasing a new SSL and purchasing a renewed SSL are identical, and can be a multi-step process that requires your input at various steps.  We have the full step-by-step guide on how to Purchase an SSL Certificate.

For SSL certificates that are purchased from Hostwinds, our technical support will gladly assist in installing and configuring the certificate for the domain in question when submitting a ticket.  For SSL certificates purchased from third-party vendors, our support technicians can perform the installation for a one-time fee.

Why Do I Need to Purchase a New SSL Certificate to Renew my Old One?

When an SSL certificate is created, it is issued with an expiration date. As a result, a new certificate will need to be issued and installed. This requires purchasing a new SSL certificate which will have the updated information and expiration date.