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How to Reset FTP Account Passwords

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How to Reset FTP Account Passwords in cPanel?

Using FTP to upload files to your website or to download them from your website is very common. In some instances you may need to reset your FTP password, perhaps you have forgotten it or perhaps you’d just like to change it. Whatever the case may be this article will show you how to change  your FTP password using cPanel. Please note that you’ll need to be logged into cPanel before proceeding.


  1. Click the FTP Accounts icon



  1. Locate and select the Change Password link


Showing the Change Password link in the FTP Accounts interface found in cPanel


  1. Enter in the new Password
  2. Re enter the Password
  3. Click Change Password


Showing the Change FTP Account password interface in cPanel
Your FTP Password should now be changed and ready to use!