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Resolver Configuration For Networking Setup

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In WHM, you can specify the DNS servers to use for domain to IP resolution. These can be managed in the Resolver Configuration page under the Networking Setup category of WHM.


WHM Side Bar


When first navigating to this page, you will be prompted to proceed to the Resolver Configuration Wizard:


Resolver Configuration


After clicking Proceed, you will be brought to a page where you can set your resolver IPs. A primary and secondary resolver are required, and a tertiary one is optional.


Resolver Configuration Step 2


By default, these will be populated with the default resolvers provided by your service provider.

Some common popular alternatives are:

  • Google’s Public DNS:
  • OpenDNS:


Once you have entered in the resolver IPs you wish to use, simply click Continue to apply the changes. You will then be brought to a success/failure log page, and if successful, it will list the resolvers you just updated to.


Resolver Configuration Success Log


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