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Restic Backups Overview

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Restic is a backup client written in Go language, it is highly secure and efficient.

With Hostwinds’ Cloud Backups, your server is backed up through the use of Restic, to your Object Storage container for your service.

Upon ordering Cloud Backups, Restic backup service and policies will automatically be applied to your server upon next reboot.

By default, Hostwinds configuration takes full backups daily, you can add to this, remove and replace this policy, or keep the policy as is at any time. We also log the output from the backup system to a log file in /var/log/  which can be checked in the event that any issues happen with the service, and to track the last time backups were taken.

Restic allows for users on both Linux and Windows machines the ability to restore their backed up content, mount their backed up content to their local server, as well as completely manage their backups all through command line (PowerShell in Windows).

With Windows backups, we have enabled VSS (Volume Shadow Copies, or Volume Snapshot Service) to take FULL backups of all of your data, including system files, and opened programs. This also allows the ability to properly backup Microsoft SQL databases.

The backups taken are incremental, meaning that if the content has not been changed, and is available in one of your previous backups, it will not back up the file more than once. This saves disk usage on your Object Storage service and ensures that your backups are taken quickly.