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Revert to Classic WordPress editor

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WordPress has gone through a significant change in its default editor in it’s Version 5 release. We have an guide here which will explain the benefits of the new Gutenberg editor and give an overview of how it works. Gutenberg looks very different in that it is a series of blocks rather than one large box to edit within. This may be confusing about whether there are bugs in WordPress or if the user has done something wrong. If you are using Version 5 or above, the editor will look very different and you haven’t done anything wrong. If you do not like the new editor, then this guide will help you to revert to the WordPress classic editor which you may be more familiar with.


Download The Official Classic Editor Plugin

The first thing that you will need to have to be able to revert to the old editing experience is the plugin version of the Classic editor. This plugin is developed and supported by the official WordPress organization, so you can trust that it has been tested by the WordPress team. You can find the Classic editor plugin by searching in the plugin search within the WordPress admin area. The image below shows where the link to find the plugin can be found from within the WordPress admin dashboard. We also have a guide on how to install a plugin which may help you. You will essential just search for classic editor within the search plugins box and then click the install now button.


choose plugin


Once The Plugin Is Installed

Now that the Classic Editor plugin has been installed you will need to enable it by selecting settings in the WordPress admin panel and then change the default editor for all users to Classic Editor. This is highlighted in the red box in the image below:


WordPress classic editor by default setting


Editing Options Shown On Your Posts

You will now see the Block editor and the Classic editor listed below each of your posts and you will be able to choose between them when you enter a post. You can also enter through the post’s title and you should see the Classic editor by default. If you choose the Block editor then that specific post will open with the block editor chosen. You can also always exit the post and reenter the Classic editor to resume editing with the Classic editor.


select editor per post



Once you have added the Official WordPress Classic editor plugin, you will now be able to return to the editing experience that you are familiar with. The WordPress organization has said that the Classic editor will continue to have official support through this plugin through 2021 at the least.


If you have any other questions about the way that your WordPress administration area looks or about the recent changes to WordPress then feel free to reach out to us in chat, or open a ticket and we will help you to get back to work on your site with the editor of your choice.