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Scrapebox on a VPS (Windows Server)

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Scrapebox is a fairly popular tool for analyzing and adjusting your site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It can help you make your site rank higher in search results from Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. In utilizing this tool, a somewhat common practice is to run Scrapbox remotely, using a secondary server such as a VPS.

System Requirements

The system requirements for Scrapebox itself are fairly minimal, and the main constriction is on the operating systems it can run on. Scrapebox is able to run on both Windows and MacOS. As we do not offer MacOS as an operating system on our services, that would limit the sort of VPSs you would be able to run it on to our Windows VPSs, which can be found here.

Beyond Windows and MacOS being the only supported operating systems, Scrapebox’s official FAQ doesn’t mention any system resource requirements; however, according to the Unofficial Scrapebox FAQ there are no official system requirements, instead mentioning that a single instance of Scrapebox itself is not too taxing on the system. As such, you would be able to run an instance of Scrapebox on a fairly low tier VPS. However as you start to run more instances, or depending on what tools within Scrapebox you are attempting to run, you may require more resources.

Recommended VPS

With the above information, we would recommend the second tier of VPS (the one with 1 CPU core and 2GB of RAM) as a starting point for running a single instance of Scrapebox. This server should provide you with enough memory to be able to run both Windows and a single instance of Scrapebox comfortably. And if you do wish to increase the number of instances of Scrapebox you want to run or find yourself needing more resources, it is possible to upgrade a VPS to a higher tier.

Once logged into your VPS via RDP, you would be able to download the Scrapebox installer using the web browser that is already installed on the VPS. Then simply run the installer, proceed through the installation prompts, and run Scrapebox.

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