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Selecting A PHP Handler In WHM

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What Is A PHP Handler?

A PHP Handler is a way for Apache to interpret and run PHP code.  The module contains a number of libraries for the Apache web server.


How Do I Select A PHP Handler?

To select the PHP handler that you want to use, first login to your WHM platform and navigate to Home > Service Configuration > Configure PHP and suEXEC.  


Showing how to locate the Configure PHP and suEXEC section in WHM


When choosing your PHP handler, note that it’ll affect how fast your server handles PHP requests and how securely Apache deals with them.  Two handlers are available through WHM, while additional ones will need to be installed.


suPHP – This handler is both installed and chosen as your default by EasyApache, unless you select the MPM ITK option.  PHP scripts will be executed by the permissions of their owners.


DSO – This handler is installed by default, but not selected.  When you choose DSO as your PHP handler the web server will run version of PHP you chose from the library.


This version results in the nobody user when it responds to scripts.  PHP scripts are executed in the fastest way possible but you’re unable to know which user ran the script.


How To Install Additional PHP Handlers

To install additional PHP handlers you’ll need to use WHM’s EasyApache 3 tool, and install the Apache module for the handler through EasyApache.

In WHM, head to Home > Software > EasyApache3 or EasyApace4 (depending on what version you may be running)


WHM Apache 3 or 4 location image

Upon completion of the build, EasyApache 3 will configure PHP and suEXEC for you automatically.


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