Services Manager and Automatic Startup of Services

WHM provides a dashboard specifically for restarting services with a simple click of a button.  To access the service and restart it head to Home > Restart Services > Choose one of the 8 services you want to restart.  


Showing the Restart Services interface in WHM


Click into the service and hit the Yes button to restart.


Showing the confirmation process to restart a service in WHM


To ensure that this service or any service is automatically restarted navigate to Home > Service Manager. You can also search for the word “service” in the search bar.


Showing how to Locate the Service Manager in WHM


From the Service Manager select the “Monitor” checkbox next to the service you’d like to restart automatically.



Showing how to Enable the Monitor for services in WHM


Here is a list of basic services that should typically be restarted upon failure:


  • DNS Server (BIND/NSD/MyDNS)
  • Mail Server (Exim)
  • FTP Server (ProFTPd/PureFTPd)
  • Mailing List Manager (Mailman)
  • SQL Server (MySQL)
  • IMAP Server (Dovecot)
  • SSH Server (OpenSSH)
  • HTTP Server (Apache)


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