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Set cPanel License’s IP

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To set cPanel License’s IP you really just need to follow these 2 quick steps. One of which would be to set the IP of your server that you wish to use the cPanel on. Second you would want to activate the License in your cPanel. Once these 2 steps are done you should be ready to set up your new cPanel/WHM on your server.

Where Set cPanel License’s IP of Your Server

First we will need to tell the cPanel License which server it will be assigned to. To do this we would need to add the servers IP address to the cPanel License, in order to register it.

Step 1: Manage cPanel License

First we will need to navigate to your Client Area to add the IP of your server to your cPanel. From the Home page you would want to select the green manage button for the cPanel License here.

Manage cPanel License

Step 2: Change IP Address

Now in the cPanel Management Page you would want to go to the bottom where it asks you to “Change IP Address” for your server.

Change IP address

Step 3: Enter Server IP Address

Next you would need to enter your VPS/Dedicated Servers IP address then simply click submit. You should then get a green box towards the top of the screen.

Enter Server IP address

How to Activate cPanel License

Next is very simple to activate your cPanel License. First, login to your VPS through SSH or the Get VNC option in the Cloud Control Portal. If you have a Dedicated Server, you would need to use SSH. Once you login simply run the following code and you should see this activation message.


cPanel License activated.

Now you should be able to log in to your WHM to configure your cPanel for your server.

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